Sample Paper and Instructions

You can access a dropbox folder to see what is required for a submission with LEA here: Dropbox Folder with Instructions and Samples

Dear Author,

In this document, following this brief introduction, you will find a sample essay that will show you how your submission should look like in its initial stage.

We are excited and proud that you have chosen to work with us.  In order for this to be a pleasant working relationship for all parties involved, we have prepared this document sample that shows you how your essay should be formatted.

In order to ensure a smooth collaboration we would like to inform you that the process of publication as of January 1, 2019, has changed and there is a full essay, written by the editor in chief, describing the reasons and the thinking behind these changes titled: “Publishing the Unpublishable”.

Please note that although we are very interested in publishing your work, nevertheless you will have to submit your essay properly formatted and with endnotes, references, and a bibliography that respect the Chicago Manual of Style.

Please note that if your essay does not respect the guidelines (, we will ask you to comply with them before sending the essay to the peer review committee. If we will realize from your poor compliance that there is no commitment to the publication of your work, we will be obliged to issues a rejection.

We understand that every journal has a different style and that your first submission may not wholly respect the guidelines. Nevertheless, once we say that we are interested in your essay we will expect full compliance with the in house style, particularly when submitting to a prestigious body like LEA, which is academically supported by MIT Press, NYU, Goldsmiths College, and other international institutions.

Once we have accepted your essay the editors will make a formal review of structure – if your essay does not comply we will ask you to go through this document once again and ensure that your paper is in full compliance, before making comments on its content.

If, at any point of this process, your lack of response and compliance will risk delaying the publication deadline of the whole issue, we reserve the right to withdraw the offer of publishing with us.

We hope that you understand that there are many authors whose academic careers are dependent upon timely publication of their papers.

With kind regards,

The Editor in Chief