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The Disturbed Dialectic of Literary Criticism in an Age of Innovation / Davin Heckman

Davin Heckman Mass Communication Winona State University P.O. Box 5838 175 West Mark Street Winona, MN 55987 USA Keywords: Electronic Literature, Digital Arts, Databases, Criticism, Speed, Time, Dialectic, Attention Abstract In this essay, Davin Heckman discusses the impact of technical change on the field of criticism in electronic literature and the digital arts.  Heckman discusses the challenges speed poses […]

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Drawing Dromologies / Anthi Kosma

Anthi Kosma Keywords: Drawing, Emotions, Accompany, Dromology, Flow, Speed Abstract: What is inter changing in new media technology is not only the knowledge, the information or the codes but also the emotions raised from the pleasure of making, the feeling of belonging in a community and the act of sharing experiences. With new technology, an individual experience is transformed […]

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The Calculated Community: On the Tensions and Paradoxes of ‘Social Media’ / Ingrid M. Hoofd

Ingrid M. Hoofd Department of Communications and New Media Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore Abstract: How may we assess the ways in which new media technologies alter the face of community today? Do social media like Facebook allow for new forms of democratic living-together, or do they base themselves on or consist of a […]

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Four-dimensional sculpture but about 4500 years old and unseen until now / Di Pattison

Di Pattison Keywords Avebury, Neolithic, stonecarving, installation, illusion Abstract The discovery and analysis of a huge corpus of high-quality Neolithic stonecarvings at the Avebury World Heritage Site challenges modern presumptions about recent innovations in visual art and our current understanding of British Art History and Avebury’s archaeology. The paper discusses some of the most remarkable features of this sculpture […]

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Neuronal Aesthetic Plasticity: ‘Does correlation exist between the new level of transience in the experiential info-sphere and an evolved aesthetic relations in the neural networks in the brain?’ / Andrew Denham

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