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Cyber-Animism and Augmented Dreams by Tamiko Thiel

Cyber-Animism and Augmented Dreams
By Tamiko Thiel

Baaderstrasse 64, 80469 Munich, Germany
Email: tamiko[at]

To those who were active in the first wave of virtual reality online in the mid 1990s, the current boom in augmented reality (AR) has a strange sense of déjà vu. Tamiko Thiel did pioneering work on online 3D virtual worlds with Starbright World from 1994-1997, and is now one of the founding members of the augmented reality cyberartists’ group Manifest.AR. In this informal report she explicates the underlying parallels she sees in the lure of cyberspace, then and now, and how AR artists are bringing the gap between seen and unseen realities.
Keywords: augmented reality, AR, virtual reality, cyberspace, smartphone, animism