Jeremy Hight

Jeremy Hight is an artist/theorist/information designer/writer/photographer/musician/editor/curator (and hates the need for so many hyphens but works in a range of fields).  His essay “Narrative Archaeology” was named one of the 4 primary texts in locative media and he created locative narrative in the project “34 North 118 West”.

His works in different fields have been shown in museums, galleries and festivals internationally and in locations in the landscape. He has published roughly 30 essays, articles and book chapters on locative media, new media, augmented reality, interface design, immersive educational tools, spatial internet applications, language theory and art. He is getting serious about photography after it being a hobby for many years and has been in a few exhibits with still photos and narrative animations built from his photographs. He feels like he is just starting out and has many larger goals and ambitions in showing the creativity of science and the scientific elements within art as well as the possibilities of fusing philosophy, creative writing and critical theory. His wife is his soul mate and he is lucky beyond words to spend his days with her and to be teaching amazing students.

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