Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio

Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio is a PhD Candidate in “Art History, Theory and Criticism” at the department of Art History of the University of Barcelona. He completed a BA in Humanities and Philosophy at the “Università degli Studi di Roma Tre” (Italy), and an MA in “Advanced Studies in History of Art” at the University of Barcelona (Spain). He is currently finishing his PhD dissertation around the theme of Mediterranean Mosaic. Contemporary Art as a tool for Intercultural Dialogue. He is PhD fellow at the research group “Art, Architecture and Digital Society”; PhD associated researcher at the trans-academic platform “Global Visual Cultures”, and associated researcher of the PhD Forum at the “Intermittent University” in the project Negotiating the Frontier. Travelling Boundaries between Critical Theory and the Arts.

His current lines of investigation involve the subjects of intercultural processes and mobility in contemporary art, the interactions between artistic, media and cultural practices in the Mediterranean and the impact of new technologies on art, communication and contemporary society.

He has participated in several international conferences and developed projects and research residencies in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Furthermore, he has collaborated, among others, with Love Difference / Pistoletto Foundation; MEDIATECA of the Caixaforum Barcelona; OVNI Archives; ISEA2011 Istanbul; IEMed; Arts Santa Mònica.

As an art critic and independent curator, he writes articles for several international magazines and is co-founder of the Platform for Contemporary Art and Thought, InterArtive (http://www.interartive.org).