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Leonardo Electronic Almanac / Volume 1, No. 4 / December 1993

Leonardo Electronic Almanac
Volume 1, No. 4
December 1993
ISSN #1071-4391


The Continuing Evolution and Definition of Leonardo Electronic Almanac Craig Harris

Reviews & Previews
Report on the Fourth International Symposium on Electronic Art – continued Roman Verostko, Greg Garvey
Report on ISEA ‘94 – Deadlines and ISEA Online Susanna Koskinen

The Computer Artist’s Handbook, Lillian & Lauren Schwartz Craig Harris
New Plans for FineMedia – FineMedia online n_e_w_s and
FineMedia Interactive Georg Puluj

Interactive Media Festival Lisa Goldman
Documentation of Electroacoustic Music in Europe Project Folkmar Hein
MRIS and TIME Resources Kimberly C. Walls

Exhibition: Handle with Care, Susan Alexis Collins
BMI Student Composer Awards 1994
Cal State University Los Angeles First Annual Computer
Music Festival
Report from Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)
Cynthia Pannucci
Arts Festival of Atlanta
Tellus – 25th Anniversary Sound Art Compilation
International Conference on Media Futures: Policy &
Performance, Griffith University, Australia
SPIE’s Holography Listserver
Notes from the Studio for Creative Inquiry, Carnegie
Mellon University