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Leonardo Electronic Almanac / Volume 1, No. 2 / October 1993

Leonardo Electronic Almanac
Volume 1, No. 2
October 1993
ISSN #1071-4391


Introduction Craig Harris

Perspective From Appearance to Apparition: Communications and Consciousness in the Cybersphere Roy Ascott


Artists’ projects with virtual reality technology Roger Malina

Dan O’Sullivan
Nai-Wai Hsu
Toni Dove
Eric Darton
M.R. Petit

Words on Works Judy Malloy

Marisa Gonzalez: Miradas en el Tiempo (Glances in Time)
Richard Lowenberg: Information Revolutions
Franziska Megert: Arachne Vanitas
Joel Slayton: Telepresent Surveillance
Stephen Pope: The Elgaland/Vargaland Project and
“Paragraph 31 All Gates Are Open”

Profile Annie Lewis

National Online Media Association Review

Composer to Composer ‘93 – Interactive Music, Media and Performance Bonnie Wright

Events Annie Lewis

5TH Washington DC Virtual Reality Conference – Washington, DC

Los Angeles Virtual Reality Conference – Los Angeles, California

Virtual Reality Systems FALL ‘93 – New York City, New York
Other Minds: Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena Gardens – San Francisco, California

MultiMediale 3: The Media Arts Festival of the Center for the Arts – Karlsruhe, Germany

X Colloquium on Musical Informatics Advanced Program – Milan, Italy

Cyberculture Houston 93 – Houston, Texas

Underground Public Art Installation by Leni Schwendinger – Denver, Colorado

IS&T/SPIE Symposium on Electronic Imaging Science and Technology – San Jose, California

Unusual Delights – Raliegh, North Carolina

Publications Annie Lewis

CyberEdge Journal Special Editions
Perforations 5