LEA New Media Exhibition: Interview with Vuk Cosic

LEA New Media Exhibition
Re-Drawing Boundaries
Focus On: Vuk Ćosić
Curator: Jeremy Hight
Senior Curators: Lanfranco Aceti and Christiane Paul

Vuk Ćosić is one of the pioneers of web art practitioners using a new form of art called the net.art. Since 90’s, he is the one responsible for recognizing the potential and aesthetic aspect of the code and internet as both tool and subject. Ćosić is a “hacker of ideas” as he suggests in his interview on LEA New Media Exhibition: “Our duty is to look at adjacent possible worlds and thus expand human experience…”

Vuk Ćosić co-founded of Ljudmila –a digital media lab for artists in Slovenia and of the ASCII Art Ensemble, Nettime, Syndicate, 7-11, and Ljubljana Digital Media Lab. Pioneer in net art and new media art as well as hacktivism. Well known for running ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) variants of iconic film scenes thus transforming code, image and pixel into a collision and immediate commentary. Exhibitions include Venice Biennial; MIT Medialab and many other museums and festivals internationally.

Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA),  ISSN No: 1071-4391
LEA International Curatoriate:
Lanfranco Aceti & Christiane Paul (Senior Curators), Jeremy Hight (New Media Curator), Vince Dziekan (Digital Media Curator)

The Birds, 1998, Vuk Cosic. All images and video material are the copyright of the artist and cannot be used or altered in any way without the express consent of the artist

Lea New Media Exhibition Interview with Vuk Cosic