LEA New-Media Exhibition: Interview with Mez


LEA New Media Exhibition
Re-Drawing Boundaries
Focus On: Mez
Curator: Jeremy Hight
Senior Curators: Lanfranco Aceti and Christiane Paul
LEA Editorial Assistant: Ebru Surek

Mez creates fictional texts using a language she calls Mezangelle, which involves inserting syllables, letters and symbols into words to dissect and recombine language. Re-Drawing Boundaries online exhibition presents codewurks which mixes English, ASCII art, fragments from programming language source code, markup languages, regular expressions and wildcard patterns, protocol code, IRC shorthands, emoticons, phonetic spelling and slang. Mez answers the interview questions in the language of Mezangelle

The impact of Mez‘s unique codewurks [constructed via her pioneering net.language “mezangelle”] has been equated with the work of Shakespeare, James Joyce, Emily Dickinson, and Larry Wall. Mez has exhibited extensively since the early 90s [eg Wollongong World Women Online 1995, ISEA Chicago + ARS Electronica 1997, The Metropolitan Museum Tokyo 1999, SIGGRAPH 1999 & 2000, _Under_Score_ @The Brooklyn Academy of Music 2001, +playengines+ Melbourne Australia 2003, p0es1s Berlin 2004, Dissention Convention @Postmaster Gallery New York 2004, Arte Nuevo InteractivA Mexico 2005, Radical Software @Turin Italy 2006, DIWO @ the HTTP Gallery London 2007, New Media Scotland 2008, the Laguna Art Museum California and Alternator Gallery Canada 2009, Federation Square Melbourne 2010 and Transmediale Berlin 2011].
Her awards include the 2001 VIF Prize [Germany], the JavaMuseum Artist Of The Year 2001 [Germany], 2002 Newcastle New Media Poetry Prize [Australia], winner of the 2006 Site Specific Index Page Competition [Italy] and Burton Wonderland Gallery Winner 2010 [judged by Tim Burton, Australia]. Mez was a Vilém Flusser Theory Award 2011 nominee for her article set ‘_Social Tesseracting_’ and is the Executive Editor of the “_Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_” project, a Synthetic Ecology Strategist, Consultant and Game Theorist.

Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA),  ISSN No: 1071-4391
LEA International Curatoriate:
Lanfranco Aceti & Christiane Paul (Senior Curators), Jeremy Hight (New Media Curator), Vince Dziekan (Digital Media Curator)

LEA New-Media Exhibition: Interview with Mez