LEA New Media Exhibition: Interview with Jason Nelson

LEA New Media Exhibition
Re-Drawing Boundaries
Focus On: Jason Nelson
Curator: Jeremy Hight
Senior Curators: Lanfranco Aceti and Christiane Paul

Jason Nelson creates supremely bizarre and unique flash interfaces that can be labeled as interactive poetry. LEA New Media Exhibition presents his discoveries of interactive art through odd fragments of writing, images, video, sound and the results are simply unlike anything else in the whole of the video game medium.

Born from the Oklahoma flatlands of farmers and spring thunderstorms, Jason Nelson somehow stumbled into creating awkward and wondrous digital poems and interactive stories of odd lives, building confounding art games and all manner of curious digital creatures. Currently he professes Net Art and Electronic Literature at Australia’s Griffith University in the Gold Coast’s contradictory shores. Aside from coaxing his students into breaking, playing and morphing their creativity with all manner of technologies, he exhibits widely in galleries and journals, with work featured around globe at FILE, ACM, LEA, ISEA, ACM, ELO and dozens of other acronyms. There are awards to list, organizational boards he frequents, and numerous other accolades, but in the web based realm where his work resides, Jason is most proud of the millions of visitors his artwork/digital poetry portal attracts each year.

Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA),  ISSN No: 1071-4391
LEA International Curatoriate:
Lanfranco Aceti & Christiane Paul (Senior Curators), Jeremy Hight (New Media Curator), Vince Dziekan (Digital Media Curator)

Jason Nelson LEA Talk. Fancy, 2009, Jason Nelson. All images and video material are the copyright of the artist and cannot be used or altered in any way without the express consent of the artist

LEA New Media Exhibition: Interview with Jason Nelson