LEA New Media Exhibition: Interview with Alan Bigelow


Alan Bigelow writes Flash based digital stories for the web. He “fiddles, fidgets, fixes and fumbles” ideas and convey them through visual, interactive representations with a great sense of humour. LEA New Media Exhibition invite readers to listen to, interact with, discover, change, destroy and rebuild works of digital literature Alan Bigelow has created.

LEA New Media Exhibition
Re-Drawing Boundaries
Focus On: Alan Bigelow
Curator: Jeremy Hight
Senior Curators: Lanfranco Aceti and Christiane Paul

Alan Bigelow
won the media-poetry prize in the BIPVAL international competition (Biennale Internationale des Poètes en Val-de-Marne).  In 2010, he was a World Technology Network Award nominee, and he was a finalist for the International New Media Competition of the 24th Stuttgart Filmwinter (Germany). He was also a 2010 finalist for the New Media Writing Prize at the Poole Literary Festival (UK) and the Screengrab New Media Art Award (Australia).
His work, installations, and conversations concerning digital fiction and poetry have appeared in Turbulence.org, Rhizome.org, Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, 14th Japan Media Arts Festival (The National Art Center, Tokyo), FreeWaves.org, The Museum of New Art (MONA, Detroit), Art Tech Media 2010, FILE 2007-2010, Blackbird, Drunken Boat, Media-N: Journal of the New Media Caucus, E-Poetry 2007/2009, IDEAS, the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum (Turkey), Electrofringe 2008, New River Journal, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, and elsewhere. Recently, in addition to teaching full-time at Medaille College, he was a visiting online lecturer in Creative Writing and New Media at De Montfort University, UK.
You can see Alan Bigelow’s work at http://www.webyarns.com.

Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA),  ISSN No: 1071-4391
LEA International Curatoriate:
Lanfranco Aceti & Christiane Paul (Senior Curators), Jeremy Hight (New Media Curator), Vince Dziekan (Digital Media Curator)

LEA Interview with Alan Bİgelow by Jeremy Hight