ISEA2011 WORKSHOP: The Art Collider (TAC)

The Art Collider (TAC)

Workshop Leader: Prof. Maurice Benayoun
2nd Leader: Robin Gareus

The Art Collider is a project for real-time online connected-creation of audiovisual art around the globe with classes and workshops being taught at art-schools internationally. A demoshow is currently following the workshop. The TAC concept offers the infrastructure for artists to exchange, share and collaborate on multimedia projects in unprecedented ways; The Art C ollider is based on interconnexion of real and virtual spaces or distant places.

Basically it is a social network for connected creation, connecting works and peer to peer streaming, realized using open standards, with the implementation provided as open-source. It bears similarities with existing platforms – such as soundcloud or even the youtube remixer – but it is set apart by unique features like the real-time monitoring system and the openness of content and non-commercial availability. On the social side, TheArtCollider also stands on the shoulders of giants, learning from platforms such as or as or as with which we have close relations.

TAC/ISEA 2011 Istanbul proposal is for a 2/3 days workshop with students, artists and researchers to get into the flowmixer software, as well as a theoretical approach to connective art, and a démo-show of the online platform including works by students, artists and researchers from Istanbul ISEA 2011.

TAC/ISEA 2011 will be the next step, the 5 th édition of event linked to this Platform for collaborâtive création, after INOUT 2006(Paris), INOUT x.o 2008 (Paris, Nancy, Poitiers) and The Art Collider 2010 (Paris, San Francisco, Linz), Paris Futur en Seine 2011.  and
Workshop: ISEA 2011

Artists, students and reserachers from Istanbul participant to ISEA 2011, will be invited to participate to the workshop run by researchers from CITU/Paris 8 university. This workshop will provide reflexion on connective création and acces to the specific tool « flow mixer » developed at CITU. Participants to the The Art Collider Workshop or ISEA organization has to provide Mac Computers.

TAC is based on interconnexion of real and virtual spaces or distant places. Located in different places it twill show works developed by students and artists during the workshop, in interconnection withs works already on The Art Collider . Images, sounds, multimédia they are interconnected to one another as trade flow data or peer to peer. They are also interconnected with the existing TAC platform, already enriched by online contributions.
Performances, installations or simple on-screen presentation, the scenography of these flow works is defined according to the technical environment.
Bios of the Presenters
Maurice Benayoun is a pioneer new media artist living in Paris, France. His work and research explores the potentiality of various media from video, to virtual reality, Web and wireless art, public space large scale art installations and interactive exhibitions. His work has been widely exhibited all over the world and received numerous international awards and prizes. He has been exhibited in international museums: Centre Pompidou, Paris, Museum of Contemporary Art (Lyon, Montreal), Kiasma (Helsinki), Eye Beam and Moving Image (New York), ICC Tokyo, Beijing, Berlin, Seoul, New Delhi…

From the Quarxs, one of the very first computer animation series in the early nineties to NeORIZON, a giant street installation in Shanghai (2008), not to forget the Tunnel under the Atlantic, World Skin, a Photo Safari in the Land of War (Golden Nica, Ars Electronica 1998), or the Mechanics of Emotions, Benayoun’s work tries to exceed technologies by exploring new ways of creating meaning through experiencing metaphoric situations.

Beside his art works, Maurice Benayoun has been involved in many large scale exhibitions, events and architecture projects including the permanent installation inside the Arc de Triomphe of Paris. His work is part of many public and private collections: the French National Fund of Contemporay Art (FNAC), Ars Electronica Center (Linz), eArts (Shanghai)…

Since 1984, Maurice Benayoun has been teaching new media at the Université de Paris 1 (Panthéon-Sorbonne) and was an invited artist at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts of Paris. He is co-founder and art director of the CITU research centre and assistant professor at the University of Paris 8.

In 2006 Maurice Benayoun started at CITU a research field on collaborative art, first called INOUT, with workshops and exhibitions all over France(2008) , then transformed into THE ART COLLIDER, with the participation of San Franisco Art Institute and Linz Kunst Universität in 2010.

Robin Gareus graduated in 2002 in Physics at the University of Heidelberg, Germany and CERN, Switzerland after which he worked for two years as an engineer at Berkeley-Lab, California before switching to Multi-Media/FLOSS R&D in 2005, relocating to Amsterdam, NL.

His professional experience since then ranges from consulting to hardware/software co-development, focusing on Research & Development for installation-art, life and open-web standards. Amongst others places, Robin worked or did freelance work at the Netherlands Institute for New Media Art, Mediamatic, the conference, V2 Lab, Kunst Univesitaet Linz and the San Francisco Art Institute. Robin is technical-director for various sound and film-productions and involved in and Joining the free-software-movement in the mid 90’s, he became the author of the renowned GNU/Linux applications and is known in the FLOSS community for running the portal since 2005 as well as co-organizing theLinux Audio Conference since 2009.

Since March 2009 Robin teaches and engineers Media-Art at the CITU/ Paris 8 University, France where he emphasises connected creation.


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