ISEA2011 SPECIAL EVENT: Augmented Costumes for Digital Performances

Augmented Costumes for Digital Performances

Special Event Leader: Clarisse Bardiot
2nd Leader: Annick Bureaud
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Digital performances, smart textiles or wearables are usually considered as separated areas. So far in the field of digital performance, costume has not been studied for itself; we speak about augmented or interfaced performer, about body and interactivity, about relationship between intelligent, smart stage and performer, about sensors and exoskeleton. If we pay more attention, all these reflexions have a point of departure in the costume, its definition and conception. They find an echo in a very nearby field: smart textiles and wearables. Today, some artists are weaving digital performance, smart textiles and wearables. During this one-day of presentations and sharing exchanges, we will consider historical and contemporary experiments, trying to re-read the digital performance field from the prism standpoint of the augmented costume.
Bios of the Presenters
Clarisse Bardiot works as a curator and editor with digital artists, choreographers, directors, engineers, computer scientists and technicians. From 2006 to 2010, she joined Le Manège Mons/CECN and Technocité to conduct two European programs on art, science and technology. She defined the workshops, conferences and artists in residence program and was the editor in chief of Patch, a bilingual magazine on digital performance and digital art.

Clarisse Bardiot studied theater and contemporary art, receiving a PhD in 2005. Her PhD dissertation, Virtual Theatres traces the history and aesthetics forms of digital performance with a corpus of more than 300 works around the world. She is an associate professor at the Arts Department, University of Valenciennes (France) where she teaches new media art and theory and digital performance history and practice.

As a researcher, Clarisse Bardiot contributed to various research programs, among them the Docam program on digital art preservation and documentation. She presented lectures and seminars in different cultural institutions and universities. She is a member of the CNRS team “ARIAS”. Clarisse Bardiot’s grants include a Daniel Langlois Foundation researchers in residence grant for a research on the dialogue of artists and engineers in 9 Evenings, Theatre & Engineering.

Currently based in Brussels, she is working on two books on digital performance, a book series on digital art with internet and iPad extensions and exhibition projects.
Annick Bureaud is an independent art critic, curator and event organiser, researcher and teacher in art and technosciences. She is the director of Leonardo/Olats (, European sister organisation to Leonardo/ISAST (

She has written numerous articles and contributions to the French contemporary art magazine Art Press. She is the co-editor of the collection of essays Connexions: art, réseaux, media (Ensba Press, 2002) and the author of Les Basiques: l’art « multimédia », an introductory book to new media art (Leonardo/Olats, 2004). She is currently preparing a new book in the Leonardo/Olats online book series on art and smart textiles.

She has organised many symposia, conferences and workshops, among which are Artmedia VIII: From Aesthetics of Communication to Net Art, Paris, 2002 and Visibility – Legibility of Space Art. Art and Zero Gravity: The Experience of Parabolic Flight, a collaborative project between Leonardo/Olats and the International Festival @rt Outsiders, Paris, 2003. In 2009, she co-curated the exhibition (Un)Inhabitable? Art of Extreme Environments, Festival @rt Outsiders, MEP/European House of Photography, Paris.

She has taught in several art schools and universities in France and abroad. She has been guest lecturer at the School of the Art Institute Chicago/SAIC in 1999 and at the University of Quebec in Montreal/UQAM in 2001. She currently teaches at EESI (European School of Visual Arts) in Poitiers, France.

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