Figure 1: I Mirabilia


I Mirabilia by Erika Rossi

Leonardo Abstract Services (LABS) 2010-2012
I Mirabilia: Taking Care of the Emotional Life of Hospitalized Children

I Mirabilia (“The Wonders”) are a family of three interactive dolls for children who spend a long period of time in hospital, due to terminal illnesses or periodic therapies. Drawing on interviews and observations in a children’s hospital, three dolls were designed to help overcome specific emotional difficulties faced by children in this situation. The different interactions and behaviors triggered by the dolls enable the children to improve their relationships and make new connections with the people within the hospital, such as doctors, psychologists and other hospitalized children.

Author 2: Philip Tabor
Author 3: Gillian Crampton Smith
Degree: Visual and Multimedia Communication
Year: 2011
Pages: 143
University: Iuav University of Venice
Supervisor: Philip Tabor
Supervisor 2: Gillian Crampton Smith
Language: Italian
Dept: Interaction Design
Copyright: Erika Rossi
Lang_author: Italian, English, Spanish
Keywords: Interactive dolls, emotional life, hospitalized children, psychology

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