Jane Prophet

Jane Prophet was born in Birmingham in 1964. She graduated in Fine Art in 1987 (Sheffield Hallam University), completing her MA in Electronic Graphics in 1989 (Coventry University) and a PhD in Arts Education in 1995 (Warwick University).

Her work includes large-scale installations, digital prints and objects. Her art reflects her interest in science, technology and landscape. Among her past projects is the award-winning website, TechnoSphere, inspired by complexity theory, landscape and artificial life.

Prophet works across disciplines on a number of internationally acclaimed projects that have broken new ground in art, technology and science. In CELL (2002—) she collaborates with Mark d’Inverno, a mathematician, and Neil Theise, a scientist whose ground-breaking research into stem cells and cell behaviour is changing the way that we understand the body.

For 2005—2006 she was a NESTA Dream Time Fellow, spending a year developing her interdisciplinary collaborations.

In August 2007 she became Professor at Goldsmiths College, specialising in interdisciplinary research in the Computing Department.

Current works in development include Net Work, a large floating installation (comprising hundreds of illuminated buoys) and Big Plastic Tree (an artwork built by robots).

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