Editorial Board

The Leonardo Electronic Almanc (LEA) Editorial Board is composed of a range of world leading international experts.

Peter J. Bentley
Dr. Peter J. Bentley is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Computer Science, University College London (UCL), Collaborating Professor at the Korean Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (KAIST), Visiting Research Fellow at Goldsmiths College, a contributing editor for WIRED UK, a consultant and a freelance writer.

Paul Brown
Paul Brown is an artist and writer who has specialised in art, science & technology since the late-1960s and in computational & generative art since the mid 1970s.

Ezequiel di Paolo
studied Physics and Mathematics at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and did an MSc in a Nuclear Engineering at theInstituto Balseiro (National Atomic Energy Agency and University of Cuyo).

Ernest Edmonds
Ernest Edmonds was born in London and studied Mathematics and Philosophy at Leicester University.

Felice Frankel
Science photographer Felice Frankel holds concurrent positions at Harvard University, Harvard Medical School’s Systems Biology, the Wyss Institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Gabriella Giannachi
Craig Harris is a composer, new media artist and designer, writer and consultant in the non-profit arts community, with expertise in new media arts, creative facilities development, organizational development, strategic planning, project management, and program development.

Craig Harris
Gary Hall is a London-based cultural and media theorist working on new media technologies, continental philosophy and cultural studies. He is Professor of Media and Performing Arts in the School of Art and Design at Coventry University, UK

Jon Ippolito

Sibel Irzik
Sibel Irzık received her BA in English Literature from Boğaziçi University, and her MA and PhD in Comparative Literature from Indiana University.

Janis Jefferies
Janis Jefferies is an artist, writer and curator, Professor of Visual Arts in the Department of Computing, Goldsmiths University of London, Director of the Constance Howard Resource and Research Centre in Textiles and Artistic Director of Goldsmiths Digital Studios.

Marina Jirotka
Marina Jirotka is Reader in Requirements Engineering, Director of the Centre for Requirements Engineering, Associate Director of the Oxford e-Research Centre and Fellow of St Cross College.

Beau Lotto
Beau is a Reader in neuroscience and head of lottolab at University College London.

Roger Malina
Roger Malina is an astrophysicist at the Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille CNRS in France

Terrence Masson
Director of Creative Industries at Northeastern University. Author : “CG101: A Computer Graphics Industry Reference” (Second Edition)

Jon McCormack
Jon McCormack is an Australian-based electronic media artist and researcher in Artificial Life and Evolutionary Music and Art.

Sally Jane Norman
Sally Jane Norman is Professor in Performance Technologies and Founding Director of the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts at the University of Sussex

Mark Nash
Mark Nash is Head of Department of Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art.

Christiane Paul
Jon McCormack is an Australian-based electronic media artist and researcher in Artificial Life and Evolutionary Music and Art.

Simon Penny
Simon Penny is an Australian practitioner in the fields of Digital Cultural Practices, Embodied Interaction and Interactive Art.

Jane Prophet
Jane Prophet was born in Birmingham in 1964. She graduated in Fine Art in 1987 (Sheffield Hallam University), completing her MA in Electronic Graphics in 1989 (Coventry University) and a PhD in Arts Education in 1995 (Warwick University).

Jeffrey Shaw
Since the late 60’s Jeffrey Shaw has pioneered the use of interactivity and virtuality in his many art installations. His works have been exhibited worldwide at major museums and festivals.

Marquard Smith

Paul Thomas
Associate Professor Paul Thomas has a joint position as the Head of Painting at the College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales and Head of Creative Technologies at the Centre for Culture and Technology at Curtin University.

Willian Uricchio
I’m professor and director of Comparative Media Studies [CMS] at MIT, a program that continues to define the frontiers of media study.