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Culture and the Making of Worlds Call for Papers

ESA RN Sociology of Culture mid-term Conference

Deadline for abstracts May 15, 2010.

Università Bocconi is pleased to host the 3rd edition of the ESA Research Network Sociology of Culture mid-term Conference, that will take place in Milan from 7th to 9th October 2010.

The Conference “Culture and the Making of Worlds” is organized and promoted by Università Bocconi and ASK Research Center in cooperation with the Sociology of Culture Research Network of the ESA.
The conference aims to explore the role of culture – the symbolic context in which choices and actions acquire shared meanings – as a medium for building “worlds”.
Cultures are analyzed in terms of their capacity to help shape the pasts and futures of contemporary societies. They are both ends and means in the society-building process. They establish the terms of engaging injustice, articulating multicultural and multireligional issues, and providing new paths for conflict resolution and peace. They frame our very experience of space and the place in everyday life, as well as individual and collective identities.They provide material for new products, new markets, and new ways of life.
This aim of the conference necessitates an interplay among cultural, economic, political and social analyses. Therefore, the conference will be characterized by an emphasis on interdisciplinarity, to include contributions from economics, political and management science, law, anthropology, and cultural studies, as well as sociology per se. The conference will be attended by scholars from all over Europe and the United States.


ASK Research Center – Università Bocconi, Milan, Italy

Posted by:  Lanfranco Aceti