LEA In-House Editors

Candice Bancheri
Managing Editor
Candice Bancheri is a visual artist, critical writer, editor, and developing curator.

Bill Balaskas
Bill Balaskas (b. Thessaloniki, Greece, 1983) is a London-based artist working across different media.

Sander Holsgens
Sander Hölsgens is a London- and Seoul-based independent filmmaker approximating intimacy, the colour blue, and phenomenology.

Jonathan Munro
Jonathan Munro (b. 1982, UK). Is an artist, curator and educator. In 2009 Jonathan founded TINT, an artists led organisation with no fixed location, working in unused spaces, galleries and with online platforms.

Ashley Daugherty
Editorial Assistant
Ashley Daugherty is pursuing a Master’s degree in Arts Administration at Boston University. She graduated from the University of Alabama in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Spanish.


LEA Designers

Deniz Cem Onduygu
Art Director, Senior Graphic and Web Designer
Born in 1984. After graduating from the Industrial Product Design Department of Istanbul Technical University in 2008, he received his Master of Arts degree in Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design from Sabancı University.

Zeynep Ozel
Graphic Designer and Web Designer


LEA Past Team Members

Vince Dziekan
Dr Vince Dziekan is Associate Dean Research in the Faculty of Art & Design at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. In addition, he is affiliated with the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology (FACT) in Liverpool, UK

John Francescutti
Managing Editor
John Francescutti MA Enterprise and Management for the Creative Arts(MAemca) University of the Arts London

Martin John Callanan
Martin John Callanan is an artist and researcher exploring notions of citizenship within the globally connected world. Concerns include information, data, and knowledge.

Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio
Junior Editor
Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio is a PhD Candidate in “Art History, Theory and Criticism” at the department of Art History of the University of Barcelona

Ozden Sahin
Co-editor and Curator
Ozden Sahin is a PhD student at the Department of Media & Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Catherine M. Weir
Co-editor and Curator
Catherine M. Weir (b. 1988, Scotland) is an artist working with photographic and digital media to explore the ways in which our sense of memory, time and place is shaped by evolving technologies.