Guidelines — October 18, 2010 at 7:00 pm

Publishing Call for Artworks on LEA, Submission Instructions


Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA), the peer reviewed journal (ISSN No: 10714391), accepts call for artworks from other organizations to be disseminated online on its website and via Twitter and Facebook. This is a service to the art and science community.

There is a quick peer review process of calls for artworks as well as an editorial process – since LEA tries to filter for its audience relevant academic events in the area of science, art and technology.

Requirements are:

1) Register on the website and write a good post that provides as much information as possible (being familiar with WordPress is a requirement). You can also check previous posts on the website itself and try to follow the style.

2) Upload into your post a minimum of one to a maximum of five images 800px width and 514px height at 72dpi in a .jpeg format (please note that images are important and we will not approve posts without an image/graphic that reflects the event).

3) Once your post is completed, please assign the category Call for Artworks and press the button submit.

We will be alerted to your post, we will review it, and if basic submission criteria have been fulfilled your call will be accepted and posted on LEA’s website.

Upon acceptance of your call we ask that you reciprocate this service by posting a LEA link on your event page, page of your call or other suitable web space. We would also be grateful if you would befriend LEA across its digital platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

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