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LEA Special Volumes, Submission Instructions


Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) welcomes special volumes. These are volumes that are focused around relevant, experimental and contemporary themes.

If you are interested in proposing a special issue we kindly ask you to follow this procedure:

a) Propose a title

b) Develop a public call (even if you have all the authors already in place – 15 to 20 authors – LEA prefers to ensure the widest possible participation)

c) An example of call format can be seen here and here.

d) Name one senior editor to work with the appointed senior editor at LEA – generally the LEA Editor in Chief, Lanfranco Aceti. (We recommend for you not to name more than 2 senior editors beside the LEA Senior Editor)

e) Name an editor who will collaborate with and assist the Senior Editorial Team – in some special cases we will accept one editor plus either a co-editor or an associate editor (optional)

f) Name a junior editor who will assist the editorial team (optional)

g) If it is an institutional partnership – please name the partners – and provide their logos

h) Forward your proposal as per formatted call to: info [at]

Why such a large team?: In order to ensure high quality and academic relevance of the issues produced – LEA prefers having a more open structure. Also it is important for junior editors and editors to develop a reputable standing within the academic world. LEA is committed to encouraging and provide opportunities for young academics who are talented, committed and hard working.

Please ensure that your authors submit their papers as .doc documents.

LEA is a multiplatform magazine and all issues will be published across multiple platforms. Kindle requires a .doc document (no other formats are admissible).

You may wish to look at MISH MASH, the first issue of revamped LEA edited by Lanfranco Aceti, in order to have a clear idea of how your issue will look like
or to DAC09: After Media: Embodiment and Context, edited by Lanfranco Aceti and Simon Penny

You can find all relevant information in the Guidelines section of the LEA menu bar. Below are some of the links that you may find useful:

LEA Referencing Style:

LEA Call for Papers:

LEA Article Conventions:

LEA Author Checklist:

Proposals for special issues can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


1) Have you drafted a proposal for public call as in the example c)?

2) Do you have a preliminary list of authors?

3) Who are the senior editor/s?

4) Did you list the names of the editors? (Optional)

5) Junior editors? (Optional)

6) Have you named the institutions – if this is a partnership?

7) Do you have an image for this call of the special issue? (Highly recommended for dissemination on social networks – our data show that announcement without images receive much less attention.)

Thank you for your interest in LEA and we look forward to working with you.

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