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LEA Discussion (LEAD) General Instructions


Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA), the peer reviewed publication (ISSN No: 10714391) on art, science and technology – in collaboration with other organizations, may propose a discussion theme. A LEA Discussion (LEAD) is an opportunity to share scholarships in a particular area, to describe a process and to share information and specific knowledge.

LEA Discussions will be published both online on the LEA website and on print as collected discussions – a yearly peer reviewed special issues of the most significant academic conversations on contemporary themes on art, science and technology.

LEA will provide a forum where to ‘frame’ discussions around contemporary topics of art and science in a formal and/or experimental structure that can be the basis for the development of a proposal for a new LEA magazine issue, Leonardo Electronic Almanac Project (LEAP), curatorial activity, book sprint or other project.

The Chief Editor of LEA will identify as well as accept proposals for a Leading Investigator/s or a group that will choose and promote a theme for discussion in the academic community of art, science and technology. The investigator/s may be assisted by a young research scholar who will formalize in the first instance in PDF documents some of the more free style conversation that will happen online on the LEA site.

The product of a discussion may vary from time to time according to the chosen subject area and the people investigating it. Outcomes could be a peer reviewed bibliography on themes related to art, science and technology; a list of images of international artworks of particular significance; a list of hyperlinks; the definition of an area of investigation; interviews; diaries and video recordings.

Although LEA Discussions invite the investigators to produce a bibliographical list of selected texts – helpful to establish standards for international scholarship and provide information for researchers – the outputs can vary and can reflect the creative approach of the investigator/s.

LEA Discussions with their outputs – because happening on an online peer reviewed journal – will have LEA’s ISSN (No: 1071-4391).

To propose a LEA Discussion please follow these instructions:

• 300 to 500 word description of the topic;
• Names and affiliations of the leading investigator/s;
• Specify if you have a young research scholar as assistant for the discussion or if a call for one will be launched;
• Clarify if the discussion is open-ended or with a deadline;
• Name one to a maximum of three reviewers in the field you wish to comment upon the work and its outcomes;
• Briefly explain if the discussion is a peer reviewed survey, if it is leading to a publication or research project;
• The format and outputs that you wish to achieve (e.g.: bibliographical survey, video documentation, list of PDF of published articles, etc.);
• To propose a LEA Discussion, email subject of the email: LEAD.

For the creation of PDF documentation of the discussion LEA will provide you with a template.

Images displayed in the discussion should have the following dimensions 800px width by 514px height, format .jpeg at 72 dpi.

Thank you for your interest in LEA and we look forward to working with you.

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