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Hacking the Codes of Self-representation LEA Magazine Article


CybeRoberta 1995, Lynn Hershman telerobotic doll, programming and fabrication by Palle Henkel, Colin Klingman, edition of 2. © lynn hershman 1993

LEA Volume 17 Issue 1
Senior Editor for this issue: Lanfranco Aceti

Reference: Tatiana Bazzichelli, “Hacking the Codes of Self-representation: An Interview with Lynn Hershman Leeson,” ed. Lanfranco Aceti, Leonardo Electronic Almanac (Mish Mash) 17, no. 1 (2011): 28-33.

Hacking the Codes of Self-representation: An Interview with Lynn Hershman Leeson
by Tatiana Bazzichelli
Article DOI: 10.5900/SU_9781906897116_2011.17(1)_28

This interview with Lynn Hershman Leeson reflects on the meaning and impact of her artistic activity since the Seventies, an important resource for understanding the socio-cultural transformation in the fields of art, technology and body-politics of our present. Today more then ever, we are experiencing the mixing and crossing of virtual and real worlds; dynamics of social networking and net-based participation are inluencing not only a small group of experts, but everyone with access to technology. Through the art of Lynn Hershman Leeson, it becomes possible to access a critical space-in-between, a liminal state of performativity,
in which to redeine powers and hierarchies, to question the meaning of identity, and to hack the codes of self-representation. As a “cultural infiltrator”, Lynn Hershman Leeson opens up a critical interstice in the everyday life to a constant redeinition of ourselves.

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