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The Disturbed Dialectic of Literary Criticism in an Age of Innovation / Davin Heckman

Davin Heckman Mass Communication Winona State University P.O. Box 5838 175 West Mark Street Winona, MN 55987 USA dheckman@winona.edu Keywords: Electronic Literature, Digital Arts, Databases, Criticism, Speed, Time, Dialectic, Attention Abstract In this essay, Davin Heckman discusses the impact of technical change on the field of criticism in electronic literature and the digital arts.  Heckman discusses the challenges speed poses […]

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Sound Art Curating / Curating Sound – Methodologies, Histories, Theories, Archives, Interactions

Sound Art Curating / Curating Sound – Methodologies, Histories, Theories, Archives, Interactions Chairs & Editors: Lanfranco Aceti, Thomas Markussen & Morten Søndergaard Call for papers – Seminars and LEA Special Issue The role and function of the curator is being transformed by the modus operandi and creative practices of mediated art forms, interactive art and design. One of the effects […]

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The Sensorial Invisibility Of Plants by Laura Cinti

LEONARDO THINKS 1968 – 2012 Contemporary Opinion by Laura Cinti Rather than reconcile the two understandings of plants discussed in the essay with a broader spectrum of experiences, my findings show that we return to the ‘Aristotelian’ position of plants. Although bio art as an ‘interaction’ engages with the aliveness of the medium, genetic manipulation, ethics, biological processes and creation […]

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Prosthetics and Aesthetics LEA Discussion

Prosthetics and Aesthetics LEA Discussion The contemporary perception of prosthetics has shifted in the 20th and 21st centuries from the idea of maimed and incomplete body to the futuristic vision of an empowered and augmented being. The visual and cultural recontextualization of a mechanized body as a beautiful entity shifts along the lines of age and sex, moving towards a […]

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